Manufacturer's Representatives of Engineering Specialties

W. M. Wilson Company, Inc was founded in 1945 by Mr. Warren Wilson, a navy service engineer for Leslie Controls.  Warren came to Cleveland and opened a manufacturer's representative agency specializing in heat transfer and engineered systems.  Leslie Controls, at that time, was the core product line for the company.

Since 1945, several lines have been added to the company’s product mix to keep ahead of the ever changing marketplace.  W.M. Wilson Company, Inc has experienced controlled growth over the many years despite some tough economic times.  The company acts not only as a manufacturer’s representative but also a stocking distributor which carries a significant amount of inventory; typically dealing directly with the end-user.

Presently, W.M. Wilson Company, Inc is a third-generation family-owned business.

Mission Statement

W. M. Wilson Company, Inc is building upon a 70 plus year history of unmatched, quality customer service.  We are constantly working on becoming The Premier Ohio Representative/Distributor of Industrial Products within our specially selected business segments.  These selected business segments have been organized with synergistic products, exceptional quality and unparalleled product knowledge.

We continue to grow by providing quality products, competitive pricing and unmatched customer service in an ever-changing and competitive marketplace.  We will continue to anticipate market trends and keep abreast of changing technology to better serve our customer base.

By treating our customers and employees with honesty, loyalty and fairness, we remain committed to continuing to build upon our reputation as becoming The Premier Representative/Distributor of Industrial Products in the Ohio marketplace.


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Steam Equipment

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